The IVY Club is a great place to meet friends and be connected to the river and all the club has to offer! Interested? Come try us out for a few months or become a member and be part of the Club for a lifetime!

How to Join

Prepare  & Submit your application

  • Ask the office, (309) 682-5419, for an application or download the application below.
  • Have two current members sign the application as your sponsor (We can help with this!)
  • Meet three Board members (including our Membership Chair), who will sign your application (We can help with this, too!)
  • Send your completed application to the IVY Club Office, accompanied by your first month’s dues

Once your application has been submitted, the Board of Directors will review the application at the next Board meeting.  While awaiting approval, you are welcome to use the club facilities by paying cash.

Membership Rates


Age Initiation Fee* Monthly Fee

Senior Member

Age 40 or Above $1250 $191/month

Senior Associate Member

Age 35-39 $350 $120/month

Associate Member

Age 30-34 $350 $50/month

Junior Member

Age 18-29 $75 $50/month

Non-Resident Member

Age 21 or over and residing more than 40 driving miles from the IVY Club and does not have a boat slipped within 40 miles of the IVY Club $150 $42/month
*The Initiation Fee can be waived if signing up for a 1-year membership.

Trial Membership

If you’re not sure about a membership, we encourage you to ‘try us out’ for a few months through a trial membership.  Please contact Anita Johnson (309) 682-5419 or ajoffice1(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) to apply for a trial membership.

There are several different Trial Memberships being offered May 1 through October 31.  All trial memberships are for the respective number of consecutive months.

  • 3-Month Trial Membership
  • 4-Month Trial Membership
  • 5-Month Trial Membership
  • 6-Month Trial Membership

Trial Memberships carry the same privileges and obligations as Regular Members, including the ability to sign Club Tickets for charging on monthly statements. Trial Memberships are entitled to full use of all the facilities including moorage, slipping a boat/Jet Ski on the premises, fuel dock, the club parties, the dining rooms and bar, and pool. Please note that there is an additional charge for slips or dry dock and for any purchase of food, beverages, fuel, etc. There are a limited number of Trial Memberships available, determined by the IVY Club’s Board of Directors . The Trial Membership is being offered only once to a prospective new member. This offer is limited to one member of a family or house hold. This is a one-time offer.

Please note: The regular Initiation fee is waived if the Trial Membership converts to a Regular Full Time Membership at the end of the trial period, and the full time membership is maintained for one year. For more information about applying for a Trial Membership please call the IVY Club office at (309)682-5419.